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Product Sound Samples

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Warm Audio WA-412, Vintage Audio M12 & Vintage Audio M73

These samples were captured with an AUDIO TECHNICA AT825 and a Revive Audio Modified Digidesign 96


Warm Audio WA-412 (stock)
Vintage Audio M12
Vintage Audio M73





CAD Live Series Comparison

DBX 163xI am sure that a lot of folks are curious as to how the new series of Paddle mics from Cad audio compare to the likes of thier MD409 and E609 competitors. We thought it would be fun to do a comparison. Below are some samples against the E609 by Sennheiser (Md409 was unavailable for testing at this time). In our tests we found that while the mics are designed to do the same job live, they clearly have a lot more to offer than a simple Live guitar mic. They excel as studio microphones as well as live and sound excellent on a number of applications. 

The three mics in the Cad line are: Condenser, Ribbon and Dynamic varieties.

We found all three to be excellent with the Dynamic D80 having a larger bottom end and crisper top end making it great for drums, Bass guitar as well as Electric Guitar against the E609.

The Condenser in the line (D84) Sounds large, capable of handling large SPL and not nearly as bright as one would expect for a condenser also making it great for Electric Guitars and other applications.

The D82 Ribbon mic was a favorite on the guitar, a little boost in the treble in amp equalization or post process reveals an excellent sounding mic that is magical to our ears on Electric guitars or Overheads to name a few..

Enjoy the samples below and judge for yourself but we are certainly pleased with the build quality and sound of these mics!

Test Equipment:

Les Paul Studio through Marshall JTM60.
Preamped with a Vintage Audio M12
Captured with a Apogee Ad16X


CAD D80 Large Diaphragm Moving Coil Dynamic

  CAD D80 - JTM60 Clean

  CAD D80 - JTM60 Overdrive

CAD D82 Moving Ribbon Figure-of-Eight

  CAD D82 - JTM60 Clean

  CAD D82 - JTM60 Overdrive

DBX 163x

CAD D80 Large Diaphragm Condenser

  CAD D84 - JTM60 Clean

  CAD D84 - JTM60 Overdrive

Sennheiser e 609 Silver Super-Cardioid Instrument Microphone

  Sennheiser e 609 Silver - JTM60 Clean

  Sennheiser e 609 Silver - JTM60 Distorted



CAD Acousti-shield 32

DBX 163xFor this test we placed it in the middle of a rather lively drum room with minimal acoustic treatment. Hear for yourself just how much an Acousti-shield can reduce unwanted environmental acoustic interference.

CAD E1002 Microphone
Preamped with a Vintage Audio M73

Captured with a Apogee Ad16X


  CAD E1002 without Acousti-shield 32

  CAD E1002 with CAD Acousti-shield 32