Caldwell, ID

The force behind Revive Audio has been providing faithful service to the audio community for a Decade and wants to thank everyone for your continued support! 

Revive Audio is located in beautiful Caldwell, Idaho which is just 30 minutes from Boise State University in the Treasure Valley.

Revive Audio is a full service Audio shop that offers: Boutique Audio compressors and Preamps with our Vintage Audio product line, Broad Range of Modification Services as well as service and sales on professional recording and Pro Audio equipment. 

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Jason Lambson -Chief Engineer, Modification Designer, Owner-Operator. 

My Story:

I started out playing music in 1990 in High School as a singer and immediately started recording my little ditties with the world’s worst equipment.

I learned a lot over the years building and working on recording equipment for my personal projects in an endless pursuit of quality and perfection.  In 2010 I began work on My first Vintage Audio project the M72 which was based on the coveted 1272 but with a modern take and more gain. I have since released a number of other models like the M73, M76 and MSL models.

 I am proud to say that my products are proudly Made in the USA with no cut corners and are second to none.  With all of the modifications I design, We provide the absolute best Price to Performance available to help musicians capture their dreams on a budget and at a quality level they demand. Being raised in a small town of 200 people I strongly believe in American Jobs and frankly that is what we are all about here at Revive Audio! 

  Adam Stevenson -It Professional, Web Designer, Electronics Technician. 

"Having found a passion for music in my early teenage years, my exposure to the recording process has drawn me in to music production. One true joy in my life is my ability to help others capture their musical creations in a way that everyone can be proud of. My contributions to the music community through my work here at Revive Audio has only furthered my passion for all things music."