Pack And Ship

Here we have our recommended method for preparing a rack mount unit for shipment.

Select a box that is at least 2" larger than the item on every side. Example: We use a 24" wide box for a 19" rack item.

One VERY important step is to always cut a piece of foam that is wider than the rack ear to help prevent impact damage during transit.


Next use large bubble wrap to wrap the item enough times to fill the height of the box. I the unit has a fixed power cable, run it out the side of the bubble wrap to prevent scratching the unit.



Place the foam inserts inside the open edge of the bubble wrap against the side of the unit and behind the rack ears (as pictured above) and tape everything securely. 



Place this nicely protected bundle inside the box an tightly fill any remaining space with suitable packing materials to keep it secure in transit. Remember that paper, styrofoam peanuts an other materials will compress so be sure to pack accordingly.