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Modification Services for HD 192

On the Hd 192 I/O we offer two different tiers of modifications with our Gold and Platinum Modification Packages.

Prices vary here by the number of cards installed in the unit.

Read Below to learn more about the different upgrade packages we provide.

By purchasing below you are applying a $350 deposit towards one of the packages below.

Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.



Tonic Room Studios, Jason Ringlestetter

"It has been a few weeks since receiving the modded Digi 192 and I am writing to say I absolutely love it.  On playback, there is so much more definition in the transients and throughout the waveform.  This makes the depth of field much better and has made mixing more enjoyable for my clients and me.  We immediately noticed a clarity improvement in the bass and high end.  Through time, I have noticed the clarity and improved detail in the mids as well.  Every instrument and vocal sounds better through these D-A converters.


Also, the Revive Audio modded A-D inputs are super clear and I feel on a quality par with my Lavry Blue.  Either one of these A-Ds sound great.


I think your Digi 192 mod is a godsend for studio owner like me faced with scrapping an old Protools HD systems.  You helped me say goodbye to the software/hardware man and I have a world-class sounding production system.  No longer am I dependent upon Avid's expensive throw-away upgrade path.


Thank you Revive!!!"


Gold Package:

Includes a full analog path modification plus power supply modification:$175 PER Analog Card (8 channels).

For example Standard configuration is 8in and 8out:$400.00

Platinum Package:

                                 Includes our “Time Square Master Clock” upgrade and converter de-coupling modifications, plus Analog path upgrade.

                                                                                                  Standard Configuration 8x8 in & out:$575.00

                                                                Add $225 per additional 8 channels of either input or output under this package option.


Gold and Platinum Modification Packages.

Both services offer a full Analog path modification for all eight channels of analog input and output using high performance Burr Brown and Linear Technologies Amplifiers.

The analog mods on these interfaces offer a wonderfully warm front end at the analog inputs coupled with a very flat response output section for a precise representation of your mix, making great mixes easier.

The Platinum package takes the modifications further by offering converter De-coupling and coupling techniques for an even broader and more accurate image of the audio from the converters. Also included is our Time Square Clock upgrade for an Ultra low PPM, Phase and Jitter Master clock section that can also clock external devices via BNC at the output.

Then finally we perform a power supply modification for maximum bandwidth and headroom. The converters with the modifications sound excellent and easily as good as interfaces costing twice as much.

Compare our cost to our competitors and read the reviews!

Classic units, excellent sound!

With the modifications we get a lot more bandwidth, lower noise, cleaner and larger audio with a lot more headroom.
The modifications really help to see inside the mix with excellent detail.

Overall musicality is improved significantly in both packages and the audio image becomes clearer, smoother and well defined just like you would expect from a Revive Audio modified piece.