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Modification Services for Chameleon Labs 7720

On the 7720 we offer a wonderful circuit upgrade that rivals any design.

We also offer along an output transformer upgrade option as well for the ultimate in Analog Mix Buss Mojo.

Simply Select your Standard Modification Service or Select our Mod + your choice if Carnhill output Transformer or Cinemags!

Cost for either Transformer option runs $200 for an output pair (see more info below on the choices.

Read Below to learn more about the different upgrade packages we provide.

Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.


About the Standard Modification:


The 7720 won over home studios upon its release with the access for project and small commercial studios to SSL Style Buss compression at a price that wouldn’t break the bank but as time wore on a lot of users found that they had outgrown what it had to offer. 

These are good sounding boxes for the money stock but tend to small things up with a fairly high noise floor and a general lack of Musicality when compared to an "A" Rated design or reproduction of the 4000.

We take these cool Home studio Boxes to Professional Studio Quality with our Modifications and offer a few nice transformer options as well (select option at checkout).

The modifications we perform are specifically chosen to remedy the shortcomings of the unit and put them in the same league as their Fathers. 



On these units we modify both the input, output and buffer stages with High Performance Burr Brown opamps for the utmost fidelity possible from the design through-out the audio path. 

Coupling and de-coupling is also performed throughout the circuit as well using carefully chose parts for better frequency response, lower noise and more musicality. 

The Auto Release function is tweaked to act more like an original SSL4000

Both VCA's are upgraded to the lowest possible distortion rating and smoothest response. 

Stereo balancing is then carefully checked for perfect Left/Right level alignment. 

The entire audio path is then finished and upgraded for the best possible bandwidth and lower distortion by a number of trade secrets. 

The power supply is then rebuilt and modified for the highest possible rail voltage (the headroom really comes up) in the circuit and lowest possible noise. 

The entire design is effectively tuned to sound as musical and natural as possible while maintaining that classic SSL Buss compressor attitude so that any user would be happy with the sound.

The service increases the headroom of the unit, widens the frequency response,  lowers the noise and increases the detail of the three dimensional image as well.

As with all of our Services this one has an excellent Price-To-Performance ratio.


Transformer options:

Some might ask why we only include Transformer options on the output section only and the answer is simple, we think it sounds the best in this configuration.

Having transformers on the input AND output section sometimes can be overwhelming in terms of vintage Warm, Mojo Goodness and can make mixes sound a little too dark.

We feel the output section only setup, is the best home for a wonderful sounding par of either Cinemag or Carnhill transformers.

Choices: Cinemag or Carnhill?

Both have excellent bandwidth but which one?

Our Choice in Cinemags has a wonderful sheen to it that is best described as warm and round with a nice mid-low punch. This is the darker and thicker of our transformer options.

Carnhill Transformers tend to have a flatter response with sort of a Wooly tone that sounds indicative of classic designs such as UTC transformers or Neve products.