(MAIL-IN MODIFICATION SERVICE): GOLDEN AGE PROJECT COMP-3A (Cinemag Transformer install, circuit mod)

(MAIL-IN MODIFICATION SERVICE): GOLDEN AGE PROJECT COMP-3A (Cinemag Transformer install, circuit mod)
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Modification Services for Golden Age Comp 3A Opto Limiter

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Golden Age Comp3A Mod

On the GA Comp 3A we offer a wonderful circuit upgrade that CULLS its namesake and really brings our the Urei.

We put a lot of love into the mods on this one, as with all of our modifications, to squeeze out the maximum performance possible.

While the design sounds pretty good stock it really lacks low end, audio mojo and has a pretty high signal to noise ratio.

With the modifications they sound great on Bass, vocals, room mics and more and are really close to the original in terms of quality and character.

Once you hear it, you will be excited to put it anywhere you would want to put a Comp 3A, like vocals and Bass

On these we do a full circuit mod to get the circuit as close as possible to the original and install a custom set of Cinemag and Altran transformers for warm audio and transformer mojo that is lacking in the Chinese Reproductions.

We also offer an optional Kenetek T4b Opto Cell as an option which is the closest to the original Opto Cell that has ever been made.

While there is only a small amount to be gained in compression knee chararacter with the Kenetek over the GA opto cell, the purest may ask for it.

Our modifications fix all of the issues and bring back the low end, smooth out the compression and bring back the character to the design.

So The modifications:

First we remove the Chinese transformers and install a custom set of Cinemag and Altran transformer s for the input, output and Autoformer.

Next We do a complete audio path upgrade using premium parts for lower noise and higher headroom as well as lower distortion.

All Audio caps are swapped out for better performance using Panasonic Parts and Orange Drop Capacitors in the audio path for more authenticity.

Bypassing is performed where necessary for lower noise in the power supply.

Power supply modifications are also performed through-out for the lowest possible noise figures in the overall design and better current delivery.

The Results:

The service increases the headroom of the unit, widens the frequency response and increases the character/color of the design.