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Modification Services for Warm Audio WA-12

The  Wa-12 is Warm Audio's take on the classic 312 API Preamp.

The design uses a new style cinemag transformer for the design and an integrated discrete circuit instead of the swappable classic 2520 style opamp. 

 Like all Warm Audio pieces is made in China.

On the Wa-12 we offer a wonderful circuit upgrade that moves these Project Studio Preamps to the Big Leagues where any studio would be happy to have one.

Current cost for the modification is $175 which includes free return shipping. 

Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.


About the WA-12 Modification Service:

Like all Warm Audio pieces this design is made in China with a number of corners cut at the component level that leaves this classic design wanting.

The implementation in the design, when compared to the beloved 1970’s version, sounds harsh with a high noise floor, lack of audio mojo and low end response to our ears.

Like a lot of Warm Audio pieces these sound great to the ears for those who have never heard an original design or used one in session but for those that know better Revive has your desire in mind.

Our goal with the modification is to push the design to the maximum performance level and remedy the above listed issues to satisfy even High End studio Engineers.


Modification Package Includes:


A complete audio path upgrade using premium parts for lower noise and higher headroom as well as lower distortion throughout the entire circuit.

This lowers noise, helps musicality and furthers the life of the design as well all know Chinese parts fail right out of the box.

All Audio caps are swapped out for better performance using Panasonic Parts to start.

Transistors are swapped for low noise, high gain and bandwidth HFE matched replacements.

Bypassing is performed where necessary for lower noise in the Mic amp.

Local Power supply modifications are also performed for the lowest possible noise figures in the overall design and better current delivery.


So about the Results:

The service increases the headroom of the unit, widens the frequency response, lowers the noise and increases the clarity a great deal.

It also lowers the distortion figures considerably, smoothes out the audio character, increases the low end response to be closer to the original design and will leave a smile on your face.

Hear the samples on our Home page.