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Modification Services for RME 400 Fireface

On the RME 400 we offer an excellent modification Service which includes a full analog path upgrade on every input and output as well as converter de-coupling and power supply modifications.

The RME clock is already a very stable and accurate clock so we have chosen to leave it as the upgrade is not as large of an improvement as is the cost.

Cost of Modification is $300 on these interfaces which have an excellent Price-to Performance Ratio with the modifications and are a favorite for a reason.



Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.



RME 400 Modification Packages

The RME series equipment is known for its reliability, continued support and good overall sound, however a lot of users find themselves wanting more performance which is where we come in.

Most RME gear uses decent level components in the circuit but most amps are NJM4560, 4580 types which are smooth to the ear but are very slow, have poor headroom and small bandwidth.

A number of other bottle necks leave users wanting more musicality and performance as well.

Our modifications replace all amps in the circuit, provide proprietary Audio coupling in the analog stages for both the inputs and outputs, modify the preamps, de-couple the converters for better clarity and modify the Power supply as well.

We use premium high tier Burr Brown Amplifiers on all analog input sections that offer wonderful dynamic range and warm audio to combat the digitis that ensues when using plugins in the box.

The J-fet amps provide excellent analog quality that really pushes the analog input stages and preamps to the next level.

On the monitoring sections and outputs we use LT chips for a flat, liner response while increasing headroom and bandwidth for the most accurate audio image possible from the design which really aids in Mixdown so you can hear it like it is.

This also aids when using inserts to not overly color your audio on its roundtrip back into the box.

Compare our cost to our competitors and read the reviews!

Classic units, excellent sound!

With the modifications we get a lot more bandwidth, lower noise, cleaner and larger audio with a lot more headroom.
The modifications really help to see inside the mix with excellent detail.

Overall musicality is improved significantly in both packages and the audio image becomes clearer, smoother and well defined just like you would expect from a Revive Audio modified piece.