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Modification Services for Warm Audio EQP--KT

Here we have another wonderful modification Service. 

Simply Select your Modification Service above to send in your unit for our EQP-KT modification service.

Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.



On the EQP-KT we offer a wonderful circuit upgrade that really smooths out this reproduction equalizer making it great for any number of applications.

We put a lot of love into the mods on this one as with all of our modifications, to squeeze out the maximum performance possible.

While the design is not authentic to an original these sound fairly nice for the money, however the cost cutting measures small up the sound while making the unit sound brittle and lack luster when boosting when compared to the original.   

A big lacking element in these reproductions seems to be in the passive filter sections where the low end is really not very large or musical.

The approach we use is fairly similar to the EQP Warm Audio modifications we perform.

With the modifications we remedy these issues and really bring out the Pultec in these.

About the design:

The EQP-KT utilizes Midas input and output transformers and is currently produced By Music Group who bought out Klark Teknik and a handful of other companies. 

The modifications we perform on the circuit are very similar to our highly regarded Warm Audio EQP modifications!

The circuit is fairly close to the original but as with most Chinese manufactured units, the quality of the components leaves the sound in the Wanting category.  

One short cut beyond the quality of components is the lack of an interstage transformer.

The interstage transformer while not necessary for the gain of the design, did impart a fair amount of color and offered nice de-coupling for DC between the EQ and amp stage.

We address this in Proprietary way that really brings the warmth back to design in this section.  

Our modifications bring back the low end, smooth out the top end of the equalizer and bring back the character to the design.


The Results:

The service increases the headroom of the unit, widens the frequency response, smoothes out the Filters response across all bands.

So The modifications:

We do a complete audio path upgrade using premium parts for lower noise and higher headroom as well as lower distortion.

All Audio caps, filters are swapped out for better performance using Panasonic Parts and Wima Capacitors in the audio path for more authenticity in value and operation.

This includes all filters as well and really is the Bees-Knees.

Bypassing is performed where necessary for lower noise in the power supply.

Power supply modifications are also performed Thru out for the lowest possible noise figures in the overall design and better current delivery.

Tubes are then swapped for more complimentary versions in the design in terms of authenticity.