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Modification Services for Alctron Mp73EQ

On the MP73EQ channel strip we offer both a Full Circuit path upgrade of all transistors and a whole slew of other mods as well as transformer upgrades. 

A Carnhill transformer transformer upgrade option is available as well to put these as close as possible to the original sound.

Simply Select your Standard Modification Service or Select our Mod +  Carnhill Transformers!

We are offering the most comprehensive and Cummalitve modifications on these available on the market.


Once your purchase is complete you will be contacted with Mailing instructions, Work Order# and Work Order form for our mail in service.


We all know these preamps pack a good price to performance ratio but lack a lot of the audio Mojo compared to an original 1073.


With the modifications they get very close with better bandwidth, higher headroom, lower distortion, less harsh and sound less muddy to boot. 

The character smooths out and the noise floor is lowered to a point where the audio is just right and a lot closer to the original Neve Design!

What we do to these little boxes is essentially gut the insides. 

We pull all of the transistors out and replace them with high HFE transistors for better bandwidth and lower noise to more closely resemble the original Neve design. 

We then pull all of the caps out the unit and replace them with long life, audio grade Panasonic capacitors for even lower noise and better musicality. 


To Transform or not?

We feel that the circuit modifications we perform have the most bang for the buck.

If you want the best bang for your buck go for the circuit modification but if you want the Authentico Neve sound the total package is where it is at:)

You walk away with a wonderful sounding preamp with boutique modifications that we receive nothing but positive feedback about!