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I’m just loving my modified WA-76s, they are everything you said they'd be, and more. I still wish I’d know about your Rev D M76 and MSL boxes before I bought these, but I now have a very useable pair of 76 clones, and my next compressors will definitely be Vintage Audio. I’m also blown away by the Revive modded GAPre573 MK2 (Carnhills). The 573s were already damn nice but now they are clearer, quieter, and (to my ear) have a hard-to-descri be (fuller? fatter?) sound. In concert with my trusty MD 421s they are giving me the best tom sounds ever. Now that you’ve spoiled me for these guys I need to order a couple more, pronto.

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Brad Saunders, Slam Note Studios Rochester, NY 13:00:07 12-08-2016