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I've been playing with my two new Revived ART Pro Channel II channel strips these past few days, and I'm pretty impressed. I don't have an stock Pro Channel II to compare it to, but I do have a stock VLA II compressor (with aftermarket tubes) and the difference between the compressor sections alone (of the modded vs stock units) is clearly noticeable. The stock VLA II is more low-fi sounding and narrow in terms of frequency response when compared to the revamped compressor circuit in the Revive channel strips. Secondly, the vastly improved attack and release times in the Revive comp sections means you can do so much more with these units than you can the stock ART VLA IIs. The versatility of these modded channel strips is what makes them so valuable, since you can patch into the pre, comp, or eq all individually for any OTB mixing task. And while each of the separate modules in the strip is a solid performer on its own, the real power of these units comes from the cumulative usage of the entire channel strip at once. For example, I ran just the preamp section of the ART up against just the UA 610 preamp in my UA 6176 channel strip, and I had to honestly give the nod to the UA preamp for 3D dimensionality, but if I employed the entire ART channel strip vs the entire UA 6176 channel strip (on just about any source), that's where the ART strip really shined and compared nicely to the $2500 Universal Audio box. In addition, the Revive ART channel strip has a great vintage warmth vibe and the opto compressor gives it a character entirely different than the "snappy" 1176 in the UA 6176.

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Ryan Lange 17:45:27 01-13-2017